Simple 2-Ingredient Home Remedy For Instant Migraine Relief

Migraine headaches give indefinite pain and drastically reduce your productivity. This simple home remedy will instantaneously relieve you with just 2 ingredients.

Severe headaches (migraines or not) can leave you nailed to the bed for hours and destroy all the plans you had for the day. The pain is often unbearable, and the medications seem to be inefficient.

Taking too many painkillers is very harmful for your liver in the long run.

How This Recipe Helps

This simple home remedy makes use of fresh juice that is highly concentrated with salt.



Now, there is a theory that salt causes migraines. When we have too much salt, the blood vessels in the brain dilate and get inflamed causing a migraine. While this is theoretically right, sea salt proves otherwise.

Sea salt is an essential ingredient.

The sodium in it is an electrolyte that helps to regulate water levels in and around the body’s cells.

It regulates blood pressure which is why it is so important. Organisms need sodium to function optimally.

So migraines can actually be caused  by sodium deficiency.

According to Dr. David Brownstein, author of Salt Your Way to Health, unrefined salt is an excellent detoxification aid, as well as a provider of mineral nutrients in a naturally, bio-available balanced way.

This is how using salt can help you cope with a migraine.


Do not let the pain affect your everyday life and try this simple recipe. It is easy to make and you probably have all the ingredients in your fridge.




  • 2 tbsp Salt (High Quality: Like Himalayan or sea salt; rich in minerals and electrolytes)
  • 1 cup Fresh Juice (Lemon Juice works too)


Add the salt to the juice. Stir it well.

Drink 3-4 sips of this in short intervals.

This home remedy will prevent headaches, strengthen your immunity, boost your energy and regulate serotonin levels.