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2 Odd Onion External Remedies

Onions taste delicious in food and also have healing properties. But did you know that they could heal externally too? Onions may make you cry. But they are rich in properties that could naturally heal earaches and purify your body through your feet! They can help fight colds, fevers, and flu-like symptoms. They are rich in many […]


Eat Cashews To Smile More: A Natural Anti-Depressant

Cashews are nature’s anti-depressants. Having a few nuts could stop you from going nuts. Here’s how. Cashews Vs. Anti-Depressants Did you know that 2 handfuls of cashews is the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of Prozac? “Several handfuls of cashews provide 1,000-2,000 milligrams of tryptophan, which will work as well as prescription antidepressants,” says […]


Sugar Is Killing Your Brain: How Can You Stop It?

Sweet as sugar, and just as smart. That’ll soon be the reality of your brain if you don’t start cutting down this diabolic devil of a food. High levels of sugar consumption can have a negative effect on brain health – from cognitive function to psychological wellbeing. We know that too much sugar is bad […]


3 Spinach Juice Recipes To Make Your Brain Younger

Your mom was right all along. Eat your greens. It could save you from dementia and Alzheimer’s in your sunset years. Here’s why spinach could save you. Eating just one portion of leafy greens a day could stave off dementia? Don’t let the denial eat you up from eating your greens. Want some proof? The Research […]


3 Mind-Blowing Smoothie Recipes That Will Boost Your Brain

We eat to have healthy bodies and feel good. But we often forget that our brain needs food too. This article gives 3 amazing smoothie recipes that boost your brain’s ability to think, concentrate, and remember. Smoothies are healthy, delicious, and fun to make. Those that are tailored to be food for your thinker are […]