5 Things You Can Drink To Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

Diet is important for losing belly fat. Say bye to crash diets and starving yourself. Instead, gulp down these natural options and melt away your belly.

Belly fat is very stubborn to get rid of. Apart from being conventionally unattractive, it is a sign of many grave health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

As you get older, your ability to lose belly fat just gets harder. This is due to the fact that it gets harder to metabolise the food you eat. If you are a woman, hormonal changes play a major role too.

Men are more likely to have more belly fat than women. But women’s bodies are programmed to store fat. This is the body’s way of saving energy and food for a baby (or a future baby) during the time of starvation.

Belly fat can be reduced with a combination of exercise and diet. You must be consistent with these things. But here are 5 drinks that will aid you in your diet and give you that extra push for losing belly fat.

Things You Can Drink

1. Lemon Water


A stressed liver will not metabolize the fat efficiently and that gets deposited around your abdomen.

So to detoxify the liver, you can use lemon water.

Lemon water increases the enzymes that help to detoxify the liver and to carry out the basic functions very effectively.

Here lemon juice mixed in warm water is good for fat burning purpose.


  • Lemon – 1
  • Warm water – 1 glass


  • Take a lemon and freshly squeeze it to extract its juice.
  • Add this lemon juice in warm water and stir it well.
  • Drink this warm lemon water on an empty stomach as a first thing in the morning.Make sure that not to drink or eat anything for at least 30 minutes after taking this water.Drink this daily in the morning and it’s better to make it like habit of drinking lemon water in the morning for not only to lose belly fat but also to get many other health benefits.Or else you can take lemon juice early in the morning to get complete relief from belly fat.

2. Ginger Tea

Via apolloclinicthane.com

Via apolloclinicthane.com

Ginger aids for a natural digestion and it is a thermogenic agent which increases the body temperature that helps to burn the fat more easily and perfectly in a short span of time.


  • Ginger – 1 to 2 inch
  • Lemon – 1
  • Honey – 1 tablespoon
  • Water – 4 cups
  • Teapot


  • Take water in a teapot and place it on the stove
  • Boil the water for few minutes and then add ginger to that hot water
  • Simmer it for about 5 – 10 minutes and then remove it from the stove
  • Then add freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey to it
  • Stir well and drink this ginger tea in the morning.If you want to regulate your metabolism, stimulate the digestion and reduce the cortisol production, then you have to drink at least 2 – 3 cups of this ginger tea throughout the day like once in the morning, afternoon and dinner.

3. Cranberry Juice

Via medicalnewstoday.com

Via medicalnewstoday.com

Cranberries contain organic acids such as malic acid, citric acid and the quinic acid that acts as digestive enzymes. Here these acids will act as emulsifying agents on your stubborn fat that deposits in the lymphatic system will transport all the waste products that the liver can’t process. This juice digests the lymphatic waste and finally helps to reduce the fat. So always have pure cranberry juice or cran water (unsweetened).


  • Cranberry juice (Unsweetened) – 1 cup (or) 8 Oz
  • Water – 56 oz (or) 7 cups


  • Take cranberry juice and mix it in water in the morning to get your day’s supply of cranberry.
  • Drink this one cup at time and continue drinking this throughout the day.

4. Green Tea

Via precisionnutrition.com

Via precisionnutrition.com

According to American Journal of Clinical Nutritional States, drinking 4 cups of green tea everyday will help to lose more than 6 pounds of weight and fat within 8 weeks.

This tea has a type of a catechin known as epigallocatechin – 3 – gallate or EGCG.

It is a natural phenol and has antioxidants with many therapeutic applications. W

henever you sip a green tea, EGCG will help to boost up your metabolism.

Have 3-4 cups (preferably after meals) of green tea every day.

5. Watermelon Juice

Via healthylivinghub.net

Via healthylivinghub.net

Watermelon is a juicy fruit that contains 91% of water in it and it also acts as a natural diuretic that helps you to have a fullness feel for a longer time and finally aids in the reduction of water in the body to lose the tummy fat.

Regular consumption of two glasses of this watermelon juice everyday for at least 8 weeks will reduce the body weight, particularly the belly fat without altering the muscle mass.

American Dietetic Association has declared that watermelon as a perfect and effective food to reduce the belly fat and also to lower the risks that are associated with the coronary artery plaque accumulation and heart diseases.

These natural remedies are easy to make and consume. But these are merely supplements to your regimen of diet and exercise. Never starve yourself and stick to an exercise plan that suits your body and needs.

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